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Welcome to Two Fat Cooks! 
Can we have 2019 back?
Things are a bit wonky right now, but some things are still the same - your family is going to need feeding, and we want to help.
If you are hunkering down and restricting your trips out and about, Take and Bake Cinnamon Rolls are a warm and comforting breakfast that with minimal effort.  Rolls come 4 to a pack with Cream Cheese Icing included.
Take and Bake Scones make a nice addition to any meal, fresh from your oven.  They come 6 to a re-sealing pack, bake as few or as many as you need. 

And as always our full range is available to order.  Please use the Contact Us link above to let us know how we can help make this uncertain time a little easier - at mealtime at least. 

You can also pre-order for fast and easy pick up on Saturdays from 9:30 to 1:30 at the Sea Island Farmer's Market, located at Charleston Collegiate School on Plowground Road. 

We can do this, together.
~Kristy and Eric