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Our scones are like nothing you have had before - a collaboration between both fat cooks - we are proud to offer these unique and delicious buttery creations.

Flavors on offer
Pimento Cheese
Spicy and Smokey Pimento Cheese with Jalepeno
Smoked Gouda with Caramelized Onion
Rosemary and Blue Cheese
Olive with Feta
Tomato Basil with Mozzerella
Cream Cheese and Chive
Garlic Herb
Blueberry with Lemon Zest
Peach with Almond
Apple Pie Cheddar
Ginger with Lemon Glaze
Cranberry White Chocolate
Scones are available Full and Half Size (perfect for gatherings) and Freshly Baked or Frozen Take and Bake.