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Welcome to Two Fat Cooks! 


Fall is finally peeking around the corner and it's time for all of those wonderful autumn treats.

Fresh SC and NC Apples will be showing up in pies, covered in caramel, and snuggled into delicious fritters.

Pumpkin custard tarts will vie with pecan to be your favorite.

Falling temperatures also mean we will be bringing back our creamy fudges and nutty brittles. 

And we are debuting our Take and Bake frozen Scones.  Take home a half dozen of your favorite flavor and bake them up fresh and hot whenever you want - they separate and bake right out of the freezer so make one or make them all, the choice is yours.

Stop by and see us Saturdays from 10-2 at the Johns Island Farmer's Market, located at Charleston Collegiate.  Please have special orders in by Wednesday for Saturday pick-up.

If you're not seeing an item on the site that you've seen at the market, or want to see if we can do something special for a custom order, please use the "contact" link above. Thanks for visiting.

~Kristy and Eric